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smart contracts testing

The most advanced framework for testing smart contracts


  • bitten waffle


    Minimalistic, fewer dependencies.

  • waffle with chocolate


    Nicer syntax, easy to learn, and easy to extend.

  • waffle in motion


    Faster contract compilation and tests execution.


  • Compiles Solidity & Vyper

  • Write tests with ENS

  • Works with Hardhat

Example code

Below is an example contract, that delivers from standard ERC20 token:

pragma solidity ^0.6.0;

import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol";

// Example class - a mock class using delivering from ERC20
contract BasicToken is ERC20 {
    constructor(uint256 initialBalance) ERC20("Basic", "BSC") public {
        _mint(msg.sender, initialBalance);

Belows is example test written for the contract above written with Waffle.

import {expect, use} from 'chai';
import {Contract} from 'ethers';
import {deployContract, MockProvider, solidity} from 'ethereum-waffle';
import BasicToken from '../build/BasicToken.json';


describe('BasicToken', () => {
  const [wallet, walletTo] = new MockProvider().getWallets();
  let token: Contract;

  beforeEach(async () => {
    token = await deployContract(wallet, BasicToken, [1000]);

  it('Assigns initial balance', async () => {
    expect(await token.balanceOf(wallet.address)).to.equal(1000);

  it('Transfer adds amount to destination account', async () => {
    await token.transfer(walletTo.address, 7);
    expect(await token.balanceOf(walletTo.address)).to.equal(7);

  it('Transfer emits event', async () => {
    await expect(token.transfer(walletTo.address, 7))
      .to.emit(token, 'Transfer')
      .withArgs(wallet.address, walletTo.address, 7);

  it('Can not transfer above the amount', async () => {
    await expect(token.transfer(walletTo.address, 1007)).to.be.reverted;

  it('Can not transfer from empty account', async () => {
    const tokenFromOtherWallet = token.connect(walletTo);
    await expect(tokenFromOtherWallet.transfer(wallet.address, 1))

  it('Calls totalSupply on BasicToken contract', async () => {
    await token.totalSupply();

  it('Calls balanceOf with sender address on BasicToken contract', async () => {
    await token.balanceOf(wallet.address);
    expect('balanceOf').to.be.calledOnContractWith(token, [wallet.address]);

More examples available on our GitHub

How to install

To start using with npm, type:

npm i ethereum-waffle

To start using with yarn, type:

yarn add ethereum-waffle

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